mandag 21. juli 2014

New life to my blogg

Wow... it has been forever since I have been here. Think I should apply for some more hours in my day.
Anyhow, now I am back again. I have stopped making cakes now, and have only one year more in my studies before I am a full time working nurse. Sooooo looking forward for that.

I seriously missing the enjoyment of sitting and making cards in my freetime. The peace of making something to others to make them happy without any time pressure or limitation of ideas.
I think this shall be a great time to come :)

I have made a card for some great friends of ours, where they both celebrate birthday within one week.
Annie and Puspa is a couple that has been with us for as long I have known my husbond. And that is for ages..

The template of this card I found on one of my sisters cards, Idun K Morken, who is also a great card designer.
I just love this colours of pink/rose shades.
And from my cakestuff I found some flower pistils and the green wire you can see in the front of the card. So cool that I also can find things in my cakedrawer to put on my cards :)
Magnolia designpaper, and a mini Magnolia Tilda with birthdaycake stamp.
Spellbinders dies
and text made in my computer.

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